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Our Programs Overview

PT Aalborg Industri Indonesia provide intensive and comprehensive program in :

Manufacture, Steam boiler package type with oil, gas, solid fuel single and dual. Setam boiler water tube type with oil, gas, solid fuel, single and dual fuel. Tank and high pressure vessel. Heat excharger, etc.


Oil and Gas Fired Boilers, Three-pass fire tube boilers are available with capacities from 0.5 to 30 ts/h and pressure up to 20 bar. Water tube boilers are supplied with capacities up to 170 ts/h and pressure up to 120 bar. Our boilers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the high quality required by the international boiler codes : British Standard, German Standard TRD or ASME.


Wood and Biomass Fired Boilers, PT Aalborg Industri Indonesia supplies a complete range of wood and biomass fired boilers with steam capacities from 1 to 100 tons per hour. The boilers can be supplied for combustion of wood logs, chips and dust or other biomass fuels such as palm oil waste, bagasse or tobacco waste.


Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Systems, PT Aalborg Industri Indonesia has many years of experience in producing Waste Heat Recovery Boilers for gas turbines, diesel engines, gas engines and industrial processes. Our Waste Heat Recovery are composed of well proven standard components combined to achieved a reliable steam supply with the most cost effective overall solution for the customer. A Waste Heat Boiler recovers the heat in the exhaust gas and thereby generates steam from energy which was otherwise lost.


Featured Program

Gas Fired Boilers 2 x 10 tons steam per hour, 12.5 bar, Essar, Cibitung, Bekasi.



Wood Fired Boiler 35 ts/h, 35 bar, 370 deg.C under construction, KMPI, Palembang.



Waste Heat Recovery Boiler after Gas Engine, Nestle.



WHR Boiler 25 ts/h 20 bar Indo Bharat Rayon.



Combined Cycle Power Plant for PLN North Sumatera, 2 x 231 tons per hour-HRSG Boilers.

G-disk & wtp pre treatment project PDAM Babelan